Is it cheaper to replace glass or whole window?

What to Consider?

There are many variables to consider when deciding on replacing a window. Here is a short summary of what will be discussed further:

  • Condition of Window
  • How easy to replace glass vs window
  • How easy to replace glass or window relative to heating bills

Should I Replace Window?

A frequently raised concern among homeowners would be when to replace windows. If you’re wondering whether to repair or replace windows, you’ll want to consider where the problem lies and how intense it is. You may also wonder, are replacing windows worth the cost? This will depend on the state of your windows. You may wonder whether it would be best to replace the entire window or the glass.

Actually, the fixed cost of window glass could approach the cost of new windows if it’s too hard to even consider removing the window pane from window sashes.. Likewise, the charge to revive old windows could be an unwise investment if a new set of windows are more durable and more affordable.

How Often do Windows Need to be Replaced?

Normally to the surprise and relief of homeowners we most often let them stick with the ones they have got. Not to mention that the notion of replacing windows is not necessarily going to save power and money once you run all the numbers. Therefore we urge that windows should just be replaced when renovating a house when they are in an “unsalvageable” condition of disrepair or wood decay & rot.

The cost of replacement windows is pretty high and predominantly labour based; partly in fabricating, but you must factor in the price of finishing and installation as well. Therefore, if you are going to replace old leaky windows, then you might get good ones. To go to all this hard work and put in a poor quality double-pane window does not make sense from a fiscal point of view, or even quality of life.

Can Money be Saved with New Windows?

The short answer is, it is not likely. From a standpoint of saving money, a complete home window replacement endeavor rarely justifies the cost, though it depends if extensive function is going to be required to renovate old windows also.

A really true assessment of whether you ought to replace windows would require a quote of these windows you need and possibly energy modeling of your present windows and possible new ones to see how far out your payback period would be, but to quickly do your own very rough guess. Now have a look over your heating bill and figure if it’s possible to recover the replacement price of a window through added energy savings from this individual window. Just how long will it take to save the amount of heat via a better window, and can you live that long? Typically it’s improbable you will be around to see a return on your investment. 

The window most likely won’t last as long as required to recoup the money before needing to be replaced. Do the same thing with glass replacement. It is often cheaper than replacing a whole window.