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Glass Window Repairs

Window Glass Repair

Often the glass on our windows crack, which may require glass repairs. These cracks cause structural damage. The glass structural damage weakens the integrity of the glass. Weakened glass is dangerous. The weaker the structure, the lighter the contact which cases the glass to shatter. This can cause serious and long term injury. Children are most vulnerable. The worst case scenario is fatal injury. 

If you have a crack on your door. It is much easier to break into as the structure of the glass that has already been compromised.

Sydney Glass Repairs

Improper glass repair can hide structural issues of glass. Improper glass repair does not resolve integrity of structure. As Sydney’s proudest glass company, Sydney Glass Installations with good concious can not provide this service due to our personal concerns for our clients safety. The best glass repair is glass replacement. We do not do questionable glass repairs. The glass repair we do is glass replacement.

Let us do your glass repairs.

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How to Call for Glass Assistance

Contact and call us and make your home a safe place. Call us on 0424 554 055 for a service quote.

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On average, our glass replacement price is $250 per window (including doors). This price varies on the time, effort and material used on the job. The more difficult the glass replacement

We Won't Be Beaten On Quality Or Price!

request, the more particular glass replacement the service will be. A simple glass replacement window or door problem may need a simple glass replacement solution while complicated glass replacement needs will require complicated glass replacement solutions. Always remember that a good glass replacement investment means quality, bumping the costs of glass replacement windows.

Each Sydney glass company has a different replacement double glazing panel price. Always consider quality, affordability and value of investment. Window repair costs greatly differ. You get what you pay for. 

Broken Glass

Dangers of Broken Glass

Interacting with broken glass can be difficult in all walks of life. Broken glass can cause many forms of injuries:

  • lacerations 
  • cuts
  • puncture wounds
  • severed tendons and arteries
  • amputations
  • eye injuries

Broken glass and glass replacement and repair can be dangerous. For situations involving broken glass, glass replacement and repair, everyone should know the safe handling procedures, the importance of proper protective equipment, and the necessity of obtaining prompt and effective first aid for injuries.

Gloves and eye protection should be worn when dealing with glass and glass replacement. When there is occasional glass breakage (and glass replacement is required), the safe way to collect the glass is with bits of cardboard, weighty paper, or dustpan and brush. Never with exposed hands. Littler particles ought to be picked up with a few thicknesses of wet paper towels and at that point disposed of. Material napkins, fabric towels, wipes or conventional mops ought not be utilized for tidying up in light of the fact that they can hold little glass particles. Until the glass breakage can be tidied up, a notice sign ought to be presented in the territory on ready others of the threat. 

A bundle containing broken glass ought not be set inside a waste bin or trash bin where it may harm others.

Michael Zhar
Michael Zhar
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I Cannot Recommend these guys enough, Came in replaced my windows after being broken into.Thanks Again Guys!
Amelia Wright
Amelia Wright
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Removalist broke our windows while moving out, Hastin replaced our broken windows fast and cheap!!
Michael Zhar
Michael Zhar
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Front door was broken, Sydney glass came and replaced the glass. Fast and quick service.

Residential Glass Repair

Commercial Glass Repair

Glass Doors

Glass Pool Fencing

4 Types of Glass

There are generally four types of glass:

  • Annealed Glass
  • Heat Strengthened Glass
  • Tempered or Toughened Glass
  • Laminated Glass

Annealed Glass

Annealed Glass is an essential item framed from the toughening phase of the glass drift measure. The liquid glass is permitted to cool gradually in a controlled manner until the glass arrives at room temperature, easing any inside worries in the glass. By and large it’s utilized for windows and mirrors. 

Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat Strengthened Glass is semi-tempered or semi-hardened glass. The process includes heating glass back up to around 650 to 700 degrees Celsius and afterward cooling the glass rapidly, it is not as quick similarly as with hardened glass. This process makes its strength twice as intense as strengthened glass.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is the most well-known sort of glass utilized in balustrades or comparable auxiliary applications. The glass is intensely heated to 700 degrees Celsius by conduction, convection and radiation. This cycle makes the glass four to multiple times more grounded and more secure than untreated or annealed glass. 

Laminated Glass

Glass can likewise be laminated. Any of the above sorts of glass can be covered. The most ordinarily utilized completed item is two sheets of treated glass, covered along with a 1.52mm thick Polyvinyl Butyral interlayer. 

Overlaid glass offers numerous preferences. Most important to this is safety as glass is held between layers.

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